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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has now established itself as the most suitable material for the decoration of any type of building and is widely accepted by architects and builders.

It provides unlimited freedom of choice and creation of architectural design elements and is an extremely cost effective material for its capabilities.

RIZAKOS company is a pioneer in the production of decorative products from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with the main characteristics being the high quality of the products and the services offered. Evidence of its know-how & production capabilities are the multitude of projects in which it has made available its products and which established it as unique in its field.


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The Bovelacci company has the following product lines on the market:


indoor frames made of expanded polystyrene in a length of 1.25m


indoor frames made of expanded polystyrene in a length of 2m


indoor frames made of extruded polystyrene in a length of 2m


outdoor frames with hard surface


beams in imitation of wood


frames made of hard plastic

polyurethane interior frames

decorative ceiling tiles and


decorative items and dolls


Isopor Arte

Decoration – Architecture with Style. The main categories of decorative materials we produce are the following:

A. Frames
For the exterior decoration of your building, you can choose one of our 24 standard frame designs.

Catalog of frames

If, however, you want another, non-standard design, you can send it to us and we will produce it

B. Frame corner
We can produce any frame angle you desire, if you provide us with the basic geometric features, as shown in the standard drawing.

C. Frame curve
In case the building being constructed has curves, we can produce them for you, giving us its basic geometric characteristics.

Whether you are decorating your space or molding the columns of your building, we can help. We produce columns and molds for them in cylindrical shape or in Ionic and Doric style. We can recommend a type of base and capital and we can even manufacture based on your own design. Molds and columns can be made with a different diameter at the base than at the top.

For the construction of Churches and other buildings, G.K. RIZAKOS SA. produces molds for Arches, Domes and Crossbows based on your order for the accuracy of which you can consult the drawings below.

For the construction of your building, we can produce any design from corbel you request.

The aesthetic and artistic look of your buildings changes!

If you choose to build in your building some special designs for the balconies, planters and fountains, we can, by sending us the technical design you wish to produce it for you.

We create special elements for your building.

We have the ability to produce any advertising structure you wish, regardless of geometric shape, two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

The projects of our customers confirm this!

Our know-how guarantees the ultimate manufacturing of expanded polystyrene (EPS) art products for stage sets, professional exhibition spaces and exhibition stands.

We can manufacture any type of inscription, consisting only of letters or even schematic logos.

We help to highlight your buildings brand!



Expanded polystyrene decorative mold release.

Poligel is a gelatinous paste created to facilitate the release from concrete of molds made of high density expanded polystyrene.

Ιδιότητες & Απόδοση

Poligel Gelatin adhesive remover is a ready-to-use product. It does not require the addition of water, solvents or oils as they may reduce or stop its action as a border on the surface of the mould, made of high density expanded polystyrene. Poligel is resistant to oxidation and aging and its properties do not change with changes in temperature. When not in use, Poligel does not form a sediment.

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