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December 2005|01/12/2005

G.K. RIZAKOS SA applies CE marking in all of its thermal insulation products according to EN 13163 : 2001

Έκθεση εικόνων

G.K RIZAKOS SA since December 2005 applies CE marking in the following thermal insulation products NEOPOR, ISOPLAK and dipol.
The obligation for the CE marking derives from the Directive 89/106/UN (CPD) that concerns all the products that are used in the construction sector, as well as the standards that were adopted by the CEN (European Council of Standards) under the authority of the European Council. These standards contain technical specifications and trial methods.
For the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the relative standard is the EN 13163 which was approved on 16th of April 2001. It describes the attributes of the products, the process of laboratory trials, as well as labelling directions.
One year after the coexistence of the European and National Regulations, since March 2003, the European Standards, including the application of CE, have become obligatory.
The EN 13163 standard certifies that the product used in the construction is suitable and fulfils all the European specifications.