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December 2005|01/12/2005

G.K. RIZAKOS SA successfully completed a seminar on ‘’Modern Insulating and Building Materials’’ on Saturday 3rd of December 2005.

The meeting took place in the presentation facilities of the company in the Industrial Estate of Lamia. The attendance was very good and almost 100 engineers and constructors filled the hall.
The schedule included three presentations from the companies SIKA HELLAS ABEE, KNAUF ΑΒΕΕ and G.K. RIZAKOS SA and a tour around the recently completed and fully operational production facilities.
Mr. G. Karidis, Civil Engineer, presented the products and the applications of the company SIKA HELLAS ABEE, in the sector of Construction on concrete production, structural strengthening, steel protection, waterproofing and roofing.
Afterwards Mr. Dimitrios Dontas, Civil Engineer, director of planning and development of KNAUF ΑΒΕΕ, referred to the new technologies regarding the dry wall installations, insulation technology and plastering (e.g. plaster-boards - cement boards etc.).
In the end of the presentation Mr. Dontas announced to the attendants the strategic alliance between KNAUF ABEE and G.K. RIZAKOS SA in the system of composite thermal insulation for new and existing buildings, which will combine products from the two companies.
Then the attendants were guided in the production facilities of the company, where they observed all the production process of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the recycling process and the quality control that is followed in all the stages of production.
After the tour, the presentation of the company G.K. RIZAKOS SA took place. It was divided in two units. In the first unit Mr. George Rizakos, president of the company, referred to the company’s history and its products.
The second unit was presented by Mr. Konstantinos Rizakos, Mechanical Engineer NTUA - MBA and included the latest European regulations concerning energy efficiency, several new products and applications of EPS.
Following the completion of the seminar all the attendants expressed the wish to attend a similar event in the future.
G.K. RIZAKOS SA is committed to continue to inform the engineering society about new developments in technology and regulations in the construction sector.