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April 2006|01/04/2006

system of exterior heat insulation of buildings from ΚNAUF S.A. and G.K. RIZAKOS S A.

Έκθεση εικόνων

A new strategic collaboration comes to change the facts in the space of insulation. The collaboration between ΚNAUF S.A. and G.K. RIZAKOS SA for the system of exterior heat insulation of buildings with combination of materials from the two companies was announced during a conference for Contemporary Insulation and Structural Materials, which was organised at the G.K. RIZAKOS SA conference room at the Lamia Industrial Estate, last December. Following, on March 2006, during the educational seminar at the KNAUF Education Centre at Stanos Amfilochias, which took place in the framework of the commercial collaboration of the two companies, the THERMOPROSOPSIS system was presented analytically by Mr D. Politopoulos, civil eng. and Mr K.Rizakos, mech. eng. The visitors of the BUILDING 2006 exhibition, April 12-16, at EKEP exhibition centre, had the opportunity to see a sample, be informed about the system applications and to take the relative informative brochure from the KNAUF stand. In this brochure the advantages and the way of application of system THERMOPROSOPSIS are analytically stated. Also a study of the energy output of a two-floor residence, with wooden roof and 25% percentage of openings with double glass panels, for the three climatic areas of Greece is presented. With the THERMOPROSOPSIS system at least the 58% of the energy required for the heating and air-cooling of a non insulated house is saved. G.K. RIZAKOS SA produces the white EPS 80 RF boards, with dimensions 1,00 x 0,60m, according to the European specifications EN 13163:2001. Additionally, the boards have special grooves on both sides, the name of the system printed and CE certificate.

Seminars - Education:
ΚNAUF S.A. in collaboration with G.K. RIZAKOS SA carries out seminars for craftsmen, aiming at the analytical presentation of the materials in theoretical as well as in practical level, giving the opportunity to the participants to get into technical details.