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May 2007|01/05/2007

First Technical-Commercial Seminar of THERMOPROSOPSIS, system of exterior heat insulation of buildings, for 2007, was realized Saturday 5th of May at the installations of G. K. RIZAKOS SA in the Lamia Industrial Area.

Έκθεση εικόνων

The event was organised for the second time in order to promote the THERMOPROSOPSIS system, which is the result of the strategic collaboration of KNAUF and G.K. RIZAKOS SA, as it combines materials of the two companies. Commercial collaborators of the two companies, from all over Greece, were attending. The next seminar for 2007 will take place in September 2007.

The objective of the Technical-Commercial seminars is to train the people involved in the selling process of THERMOPROSOPSIS system (salesmen etc), while at the same time technical seminars for technicians of gypsum boards and plasters, and painters, are taking place at the KNAUF Centre of Education in Stanos Amfilochias.

THERMOPROSOPSIS means protection and insulation of the exterior of building with plaster and EPS, so that to avoid loss of heat in winter and maintain cool atmosphere during summertime. At the same time it ensures all the advantages of a reliable, without gaps, waterproof and breathing exterior coat, which is easy to maintain only with a painting every 15 to 20 years.