Ideal insulation and waterproofing building system for inclined roofs

Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity
λ = 0,035 W / m K
Thermal Resistant for thickness d=60mm
R = 1,765 m2 K/W

It is the unique product in Greece that the boards cover totally the roof and do not allow the loss of heat through the thermal bridges of the wooden chevrons, contrary to the conventional way of roof insulation, which puts the insulation board between the chevrons.

The ISOLTETTO is shape moulded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with flame retardant in thickness of 6 cm and it is suitably shaped with rebate edges for the heat insulation of inclined roofs without thermal bridges.

It is produced in accordance with the principles of the standard EN 13163:2001 and is followed by certificates for its production according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. It has a position in its shape with dimensions 5x1,5 cm specifically for the wooden chevrons. Perpendicular to the chevrons it has channels with dimensions 3x2 cm for the ventilation of the roof, which is also useful for the drainage of rainwater that might enter in case of tile breakage. It has been calculated that it economises 5 liters of oil per square meter of roof in the B climatic area of Greece. It is packed in parcels of 5,4 m2.

Technical Specifications