Pitched roof

Heat Insulation of pitched roof

The selection of heat insulation depends on the type of roof, it should. According to this opinion and based on the Greek data someone could distinguish two basic categories:

  • The pitched roof that is also the roof of internal space. Between internal functional space and roof there is no other level and the roof is visible from the inside. In the two alternations the internal space can be the last floor of the building or a loft above this. The thermal protection is then developed in the inclined level of the roof.
  • The pitched roof that does not function as roof of internal space. These are usually low roofs that step on horizontal plate of armed concrete and provide protection in the structure against the weather but thermal protection however is developed in the level of the horizontal plate of concrete. If there is no plate of armed concrete, a false ceiling is developed at its place.

In both cases the roof can be wooden or be constituted from under bent plates of armed concrete. However, when it is manufactured by armed concrete, the roof is always united with the floor and other horizontal plate does not interrupt it.