Green flat roof

Heat Insulation of green flat roof

For the heat insulation of planted roof the methodology of conventional roof is applied. The insulating layer is placed above the holder plate and the sealing layer in overlying place of the heat insulation, so that it protects it from rainwater. For the configuration of planted roof is required above the sealing layer a draining membrane, a layer of shingle, geo-fabric and the layer of planting ground.

In planted roof we can use Expanded Polystyrene with graphite NEOCOAT AM EPS 200, NEOPLAK AM EPS 200 and PERIPOR EPS 200 in the suitable thickness according to the regulation of Energy Efficiency of Buildings. The suggestion for the inclinations that are required for the flow of waters in the gutters is light weight concrete produced with special grains of Expanded Polystyrene ISOLBETON in density 300kg/m3 for the smaller possible cost of construction, but also for additional heat and sound insulation.