The objective of all the employees that are occupied in our company is the complete customer satisfaction. This means that everyone, in his field of activity, tries for the absolute fulfilment of customer demands. We are always next to the customer, helping him in the search of the optimal solution, in the right use and application of our products, supporting him with our know-how, helping him whenever it is necessary and requested.

We are able to start designing a product from scratch. The product can be a simple mechanical element, an artistic object or even a complex piece of special geometry.

With the initiation of any collaboration our primary objective is to clarify the specifications and this is achieved by collaborating closely with the customer.

After the specifications are clarified and agreed we create alternative solutions by drawing and separating the functional and aesthetic parts of the product. We initially create and investigate possible solutions in simulation mode, by creating prototype models of the product. We are able to create any geometric form, as complicated as this might be, and always ensure that the initial specifications given by the customer will be met.

Each proposal that we process is presented to the customer and is put to the test with him being present, in order to check if the model will cope with the given requirements.

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When the above process is completed and leads to the acceptable model, then we proceed to the planning of the mould from which the product will be produced. With the manufacture and receipt of the mould we produce the first products that we send to the customer for the final approval. After their approval, we move to the production phase.

We continue being always next to the customer, before and after the sale, helping him in the search of the best solution, in the right use and application of our products, supporting him with our knowledge and providing help whenever it is necessary.

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